1. Customer service
All accounts are given the same high level of support


2. Hard-to-find items
Not a problem at Sunray Electric


3. 24 hour emergency phone number
Answered 24 hours a day by an operator, not a machine


4. Knowledgeable sales associates with
Years of electrical supplies experience.


5. Free quotations
Call, fax or email us your requirements


6. Fast - free delivery
Most deliveries with-in 24 hours. (limited area)


7. Computer equipment
HP, IBM & Dell equipment for reliability


8. Computer programs & reports
State of the art, powerful and fast for quick response


9. Computer pricing files
Error-free and consistent pricing


10. Lighting layouts
Computer generated project layouts available


11. Job storage available
Large projects can be stored in our 56,000 sq ft warehouse


12. Fabrication of custom items
Customized products are designed & built to your specifications


13. Flexible accounting options
Packing lists, invoices & statements customized to your needs


14. Flexible payment methods
Cash, check, open account, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover card accepted

Value Added Services